• Registrations Close: Sunday 11 February 2024
  • First Night of Games: Monday 19 February  
  • Last Night of Games: Monday 25 March 
  • Game dates: 19/02, 26/02, 04/02, 11/03, 18/03, 25/03


  • One grade - Years 4 - 6*
  • 6 a-side, 2x20 minutes of hockey on a half turf, with a focus on fun!
  • This league is to allow young players to try hockey for the first time, to enter a team from their school or mix with peers from other schools.
  • 6 week league
  • First round starts at 5pm subject to numbers
  • Starts on Monday 19 February 2024
  • $300 per team
  • Teams can be mixed ability and gender with players ranging from years 4 to 6
  • Umpires will be provided
  • Shin pads and mouth guards compulsory

Note: If you are unable to get a team together email with your name, what grade you want to play and we will try to put you into a team

*This grade is subject to numbers and if there are not enough teams entered then they will be moved to the Family Division. Teams will be contacted first to discuss.


The Tauranga Summer Hockey Leagues are about FUN, its important to recognise these leagues are not an extension of the winter season. 

Summer Hockey is a place for people new to the sport to give hockey a go, and for those who love the game to knock the ball around and try new things in a safe, fun, low pressure environment - all with a positive attitude!

We also run Umpire Development Programmes alongside Summer Hockey, we encourage anyone to give-it-a-go!

Together we can all focus on enjoying hockey in a fun fair safe way.

Normal rules of hockey apply, except for the following:

  • Safety is the highest priority
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Goals can be scored from halfway (if from a free hit, it must be auto-passed or passed to a team-mate first)
  • All shots at goal must be safe​​​​​​​
  • No Hitting is allowed
  • No overheads - jinking and skillful elimination skills are allowed
  • No Penalty Corners: for fouls inside the circle a free hit to the attackers is awarded outside the circle. The ball must travel 5m or be passed before being played into the circle area
  • Ball over the baseline:
    • by an attacker; is a free hit to the deffending team (known as a '16') taken at the top of the circle, in line with where it went out
    • by a defender; is a free hit to the attacking team (known as a 'long corner') taken at the top of the circle in line with where it went out - the ball must travel 5m or be passed before being played into the circle area
  • Focus on fun!
  • No scores are kept



  • The idea behind this is to allow a team to have some on-field support during the game to assist with player game understanding. It is important that the intentions of this concept are correct. There will be 5 players and 1 support player allowed on the field. If the Support Player is not on, then the team plays with 6 players.
  • One Support Player on the field at any one time (Must be over the age of 18)
  • Only to play in the backs or half (Not allowed over half way)
  • Not allowed to score any goals