Operations Committee 2022

The OpsComm comprises all the Division Chairs - our volunteers who chair each of our committees. The OpsComm meets once a month during pre-season and season. 

Clinton Butler - General Manager                     

Gill Gemming - Coaching Chair

Tom Rutherford- Officiating Chair                          

Geoff Williamson - Masters Chair

Matt Nelson - Clubs' Chair            

David Pugh - Secondary School Chair

Paul Collins - KiwkSticks Chair (Intermediate)    

Sally Valois - Small Sticks Chair (Primary Schools)​​​​

Contact Details for OpsComm 2021

Clinton Butlergm@tgahockey.co.nz021 088 15200
Gill Gemminggill.oceaniahockey@eol.co.nz027 293 3321
Tom Rutherfordofficiatingchair@gmail.comtbc
Geoff Williamsongeoff@jag.net.nz021 755 640
Matt Nelsonclubhockeytha@gmail.com
David Pughsecondaryschoolstha@gmail.comtbc
Paul Collinscollinsfamily@orcon.net.nz021 243 7593
Sally Valoisprimarytha@gmail.comtbc