Update your hockey knowledge - check out the rules app - http://www.fih.ch/inside-fih/our-official-documents/rules-of-hockey/

Umpires & Officials

On-field umpires and technical officials play an integral part in ensuring a game is a safe and fair contest for both teams. 

Officiating Committee Meetings

These are arranged monthly and communicated by the Officiating Chair

All interested in Rules / Umpiring / Officiating / Game awareness welcome: Click here for information.

Resources & Rules

Resources are regularly refreshed and rotated through the Resources and Rules page


Check out the Courses - Forums - Events page for information about upcoming opportunities

Pathways & Panels

Watch this space! Soon you will be able to check out our Umpire and Umpire Coach pathway documents to see where you can go, where you may fit, and what level of accreditation you can achieve!

Umpire Coach Workshop

Tauranga Hockey linked up with BOP Rugby, Tauranga Netball and engaged Kyle - The Coaching Gig to facilitate an awesome workshop for Umpire and Referee Coaches.

Watch the video to get an insight into the importance of quality Coaching for all Match Officials!