Secondary School

Pre Season Information

Team Registrations Due: Tuesday 9 April

Player Registrations Due (PlayHQ): Tuesday 7 May

Team Lists Due - SPL: Thursday 16 May 

Team Lists Due - other divisions: Tuesday 23 May

Anchor Player lists due & School Team Ranking: Thursday 16 May 

Season Dates

SPL (Secondary Premier League):

Wednesday 8 May - Wednesday 28 August 2024

SPL (8/5 - 3/7) & MISSC (24/7 - 28/8)

Championship 1, 2, & 3 Girls:

Monday 13 May - Monday 26 August 2024

NB Championships games ARE played on King's Birthday weekend Monday

Championship 1 & 2 Boys:

Tuesday 14 May - Tuesday 27 August 2024

Super 6's:

Tuesday 14 May - Tuesday 27 August 2024

NB Coaches & Managers Workshop - week 1/2 of term 2


Key Information

THA Hockey Fee Schedule: Click here

Practice Time and Turf Requests Template 2024click here

Next Committee Meeting: Click here

2024 Competition Format: TBC

2024 Handbook TBC: 2023 Click here 

Anchor Player Appendix: Click here

School Team Ranking Appendix: Click here

FIH Field Hockey Rules with Explanations: Click here

Match Cards: These can be collected from outside the control room door inside the pavilion.

Health and Safety - Concussion Awareness Policy: Click here

All coaches and managers need to be familiar with all of the THA Health & Safety Policies including the Concussion Awareness Policy above. These other documents are available to view and download on our website Click here

​​​​​​​Location of games: The majority of games are played at our three turfs at Tauranga Hockey Centre, Mt Maunganui. It depends on team entries as to whether games are also played at Tauranga Boys' College or/and Bethlehem College satellite turfs. The draw clearly states which turf your game is on.

Cancellation Procedure

Game by Game, Turf by Turf

If there are major storms due then the Competition Administrator can decide to notify that the whole night of competition has been cancelled before the start of games.

Alternatively, and more likely, if the rain radar shows that the bad weather will come and go, then cancellations may be on a game by game, turf by turf basis with umpires and the competition coordinator deciding on the state of the turfs. ​​​​​​​

For notifications of any cancellations: Click here 

Team Lists & Player Registrations

All players must register through PlayHQ. On the team list/player registration due date, all registered players in PlayHQ must be allocated to a team. The team lists will then be downloaded from PlayHQ and will be the official team list of the season. Any adjustments to the team lists after this date must follow the handbook rules.

If there is a protest about a player who is not listed on your team list (therefore classified as being unregistered) this may result in your team forfeiting match points as per the handbook.

PlayHQ information click here

Turf Descriptions

Tauranga Hockey Centre turfs:

Moana | Ocean          Tahatai | Coast           Whanga | Harbour

Super 6s Turf set up 

Whanga Pavilion and Tahatai Pavilion are at the Pavilion End ie the turfs closest to our pavilion and entry gates. Moana Road is nearest to Kawaka Street.

Whanga Salt, Moana Salt and Tahatai Salt are the halves nearest to the large salt mountain to our south.

2023 Girls Anchor Players  - CLICK HERE

2023 Boys Anchor Players - CLICK HERE

2022 Secondary School Anchor Players per Team - Excerpt from 2022 Handbook

33. Player Movement between Teams of Own School - Anchor Player Rule

Once players have been registered in a team by the due date the following rules apply. See registration sheet in Appendix 3 at the back of this handbook. Schools are asked to Respect and Play by the Spirit of this Rule.

The following rules do not apply to genuine Super 6 players.

a. Playing a Player Down

  1. All registered teams in SPL must identify their top 8 (eight) anchor players who will not be eligible to move down at any time in the year unless application is applied for under 32J and is granted. Schools with Championship 1, 2 and 3 teams need only provide 3 (three) anchor players for each Championship 1, 2 and 3 team that has a lower ranked team. The school’s lowest ranked team does not need to identify anchor players.
  2. These “Anchor Players” cannot play down. Goalies should be included if they are an anchor player.
  3. The remaining players (up to eight in each team) may play down one school team ranking only, as many times as required and be clearly starred (*) on the match card.
  4. For schools with only two teams in either the boys or girls’ grade, the team above the lowest ranked team may have six anchor players if in SPL (rather than 8 anchor players) or 3 anchor players if in Champ 1 or 2 to ensure the lowest ranked team can field a full team.
  5. A list of anchor players will be published on the THA website by Monday, 15 May 2023, under Secondary School Hockey/Anchor Players.
  6. If you have only SPL and Championship 2 teams the eight eligible players may change from SPL but please respect the spirit of the rule. Anchor player are not allowed to play down.
  7. Players eligible to play down may play all games including semi-finals and finals.

b. Playing a Player Up

  1. All players are eligible to play up divisions in the secondary competitions and should be starred (*) on the match card.
  2. If there are two or more teams from the same school in the same division the lower team players may play up.
  3. Players may play up more than one division if required.
  4. Anchor players and others are not excluded from playing club hockey at a higher level on another night.

c. Changes to Anchor Players’ List

  1. Changes can be made to the list of anchor players during the season when circumstances arise i.e., exchange students arriving, injuries, academic commitments and school relocations.
  2. Players can only be re-graded once (Rule 32J).
  3. Changes to the anchor list must be notified in writing by the school’s TIC 48 hours before the player/s concerned take/s the field.

Secondary School Committee Minutes