Opening Ceremony - 17 October

Click here to read all about the opening ceremony that occurred during THA's centenary weekend.

30 May 2020

The third turf has received its final sign off and is now open for business. We will be holding a competition for a name for our new addition. 

April 2020

The third turf's construction is mostly complete - see the photo above. While THA was waiting for the handover from the turf team in March 2020, New Zealand was placed into lockdown due to Covid-19. 

Turf Project Update

June 2019


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​23 April 2018 Update

After the community consultation meetings there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to get the construction phase of our third turf project started.  Among other things this has included negotiation with the Tauranga City Council on the boundary extension for THA and contractual arrangements with the earthwork’s contractors and the turf installation companies.  The summary from the community consultation process has also been discussed with an architect in order to provide us with a view of what the final outcome of the Tauranga Hockey redevelopment plan might look like.  These will be shared when they are available.

In the last week of March local Iwi were invited to bless the site and project in line with Maori customs.  We had a huge milestone with the earthworks; starting the preparation required for the laying of the base of the turf.  At this point the project became very visible and increased the excitement factor as we are now able to see the progress being made.

We would also like to share a vision of the future for Tauranga Hockey based on the feedback gathered during the community consultations in November 2018.

This first phase of the programme will deliver a third full turf in a location that allows for a half turf at the salt works end of the grounds.  The half turf is not part of the scope of this first phase. 

The images show the location of the third turf in relation to the existing two turfs.  The third turf is placed to maximise the future plans for the pavilion and viewing areas, which are shown on the diagrams with dotted lines

1 October 2018 Update

Dear All,

A huge thank you for those of you who managed to get down to one of the three community workshops.  The creative juices really got flowing and hundreds of yellow sticky notes later there were lots of great ideas that we can take forward for consideration in the overall facilities design.  We also learned the correct way to pull off a sticky note from a pad so that it stays flat and stuck to the chart paper longer.  They are all still stuck in place for reference when they are required!

In order to get down to ideas that met the users' hopes and resolved their challenges we started off gaining an insight into the personas of the Tauranga Hockey Centre facility users.  These personas included The Player, The Official/umpire, The Spectator/Parent, The Staff Member and The Volunteer.  This view included what environmental trends they faced (positive and negative), What fears and challenges they faced as well as what hopes and opportunities they have.  Doing this exercise allowed us to identify general themes of what the personas might need from the future Tauranga Hockey Facilities.

There were five major themes that came out very strongly from the workshops.  Those themes were:

  • Turf/Dugouts
  • Pavilion
  • Technology
  • Changing Rooms &
  • General

 The groups then set about identifying ideas that were associated with the identified themes.  The final step in the process was to vote for what each attendee thought of as the 3 most critical ideas for each theme.

The ideas and priorities have been recorded in a document that you can review using the below link.  The orange stickies are those that have been voted for by the attendees as the high priority ideas:

If you missed out on attending a workshop or if you attended but have thought of some more ideas then you can send them through to be considered via the survey below.

Please submit any surveys by Wednesday 12th October so that they can be collated and combined with the existing ideas before being sent through to the consultants.

The output from these workshops and survey will inform the consultant's design of the overall facilities.  This design will inform the exact location of where the third turf will be laid.

Once we have received some high level designs from the consultants we will share them with the hockey community to get your feedback.

Thanks again for your input into this process.  Don't forget to use the survey to provide more ideas that you can think of.


New Turf Project Steering committee

Preliminary Information on the Turf Project

Planning and preparation for the third turf has now begun. We have secured funding required and are excited to let you all know that, we are now underway! A steering committee has been appointed to oversee the project and includes Peter Puchner, Roger Ford, Pip Allen, Kajal Mukherjee, Jitu Patel and Clinton Butler. The Steering Committee is in the process of appointing a consulting and engineering partner to help us bring our shared vision to fruition. Based on current timelines we are looking at starting earthworks in January 2019 with the third turf being available for use midway through the 2019 season. Below is a high-level view of the project timelines. The consulting partner will assist us with developing a facilities design that will support the Tauranga Hockey community, that has seen unprecedented growth over the last ten years, for the next 20 years and beyond.

With the magnitude of the work being undertaken the Board have identified and set a long term plan with the opportunity to consider not only a third turf, but what the facility will look like in the future, that could include pavilion, player & spectator facilities and a location of our fourth turf at the Blake Park facility. For the consultants to come up with a conceptual design we need the Tauranga Hockey Community to let us know what they need from the facilities and how they might want to use them. Tauranga Hockey will be hosting a series of workshops during the last two weeks of September to obtain and understand the community requirements from the hockey facilities. These workshops will be taking place in the Tauranga Hockey Pavilion on the following dates, we hope you can make it along to contribute to the future of our facility.

• Thursday 20 September 5:30 – 8pm 

• Sunday 23 September 2:30 – 5pm

• Wednesday 26 September 5:30 – 8pm