Kwik Sticks Intermediate Hockey Draws & Results​​​​​​​: 

Results: umpires or managers please ensure the scores are handed in to the control room if you are playing at Tauranga Hockey Centre, or if playing at Tauranga Boys' College or Bethlehem College text the score (photo of scorecard) to: 021 707 671

To download a scorecard, if you are not at Tauranga hockey Centre so can't collect one from the pavilion, Click here

​​​​​​​Friday 12 May:

All teams will play x1 full game against the same team for the last week of grading. X3 15 minute periods with a 3 minute break between periods = 15/3/15/3/15

MOUTHGUARDS & PLAYERS OF THE DAY CERTIFICATES are available to be picked up by Team Managers in the Control Room.

BLUE = goalie compulsory (6 field players + a goalie) - TEAMS ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE - PENALTY CORNERS THIS WEEK       

ORANGE = goalie optional (6 field players plus a goalie OR 7 field players) - TEAMS ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN ORANGE - NO PENALTYCORNERS, instead a free hit will be awarded outside the circle to the attacking team.

The 2023 handbook has also been published on our website. Please read the rules thoroughly and make sure you are aware of them.

2023 Season Dates: Friday, 26 April to Friday 25 August 2023

No games - 7 and 14 July (July school holidays)

Location of games: The majority of games are played at our three turfs at Tauranga Hockey Centre. In 2023 games are also played at Tauranga Boys' College and maybe Bethlehem College satellite turfs. The draw clearly states which turf your game is on. See below for more information.

Tauranga Hockey Centre

Whanga | Harbour - formerly Port turf                                    Tahatai | Coast - formerly Beach turf                                                        Moana | Ocean - formerly 3rd Turf

The draws tell you which turf you play on and they are divided into halves for games.  

Whanga Pavilion and Tahatai Pavilion are at the Pavilion End ie the turfs closest to our pavilion and entry gates. Moana Roadside is nearest to Kawaka Street.

Whanga Salt, Tahatai Salt and Moana Salt are the halves nearest to the large salt mountain to our south.

Tauranga Boy's College and Bethlehem College

If games are played at BC and TGA Boys please ensure you keep to the times on the draw. Umpires need to manage this. If games get behind time, then warm-ups need to be shortened so time can be caught up and later games start at the correct time.​​​​​​​

At Tauranga Boys' College, TGA Boys 15th Ave is closest to 15th Avenue and TGA Boys Schoolside is closest to the school.

At Bethlehem College, BC Driveway is the nearer end as you arrive at the turf and BC Paddock is the end further away from the entry.