​​​​​​​2023 Season Dates: Friday 28 April to Friday 25 August 2023

Games played: Friday 2 June (Queens Birthday weekend) & Friday 30 June (last day of term 2) 

No games: 7 and 14 July (July school holidays)

Location of games: The majority of games are played at our three turfs at Tauranga Hockey Centre, Mt Maunganui. It depends on team entries as to whether games are also played at Tauranga Boys' College or/and Bethlehem College satellite turfs. The draw clearly states which turf your game is on.

If games are played at BC and TGA Boys please ensure you keep to the times on the draw. Umpires need to manage this. If games get behind time, then warmups need to be shortened so time can be caught up and later games start at the correct time.​​​​​​​

Next Committee Meeting: TBC


Tauranga Hockey Fee Schedule 2023: Click here

Each team is charged a subscription fee of $602, plus 16 weeks of turf game time at $41 each week, plus a turf renewal levy.

Total cost per team:

Sub: $602    

Turf fees: $656 (ie 16 x $41)

Turf Renewal Levy: $90

Total per team: $1348 incl GST

Schools are invoiced at the end of May on the number of teams that each school has entered into the competition. Schools then charge their players fees based on THA fees and school-related costs.


2023 Handbook:  Click here 

2022 Small Sticks Managers Resource - Click here - 2023 Coming soon

CancellationsClick here​​​​​​​

Umpires: ALL teams must supply their own umpire for the season. The umpire name and email address should be recorded in Friendly Manager with the team they are associated with.

​​​​​​​THA Intermediate Coordinator & duty teams: An Intermediate Coordinator will be based in the control room on Friday nights at the Hockey Centre and they will coordinate the night. Please refer to the handook for the duty requirements for teams playing at TGA Boys and Bethlehem College.

Scorecards: Scorecards can be collected from the THA control room or you can alternately to download a scorecard Click here

Results: Please ensure the results for your game are handed in, either by handing the scorecard into the control room if you are playing at the Hockey Centre, or by sending a clear photo of the scorecard to 021 707 671​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Practice Time and Turf Requests Template 2023Click here

Competition Format 2023: TO BE CONFIRMED.

Tauranga Hockey Code of Conduct: Click Here      

Health and Safety - Concussion Awareness Policy: Click here

All coaches and managers need to be familiar with the THA Health & Safety policies including the Concussion Awareness Policy. These documents are available on our website Click here


Team Lists due (& Player Registration): Wednesday 10 May 2023

All players must register in 2023 through PlayHQ. On the team list/player registration due date, all registered players in PlayHQ must be allocated to a team. The team lists will then be downloaded from PlayHQ and will be the official team list of the season. Any adjustments to the team lists after this date must follow the handbook rules.

If there is a protest about a player who is not listed on your team list (therefore classified as being unregistered) this may result in your team forfeiting match points as per the handbook.

PlayHQ information click here



Turf Names:

Moana|Ocean            Tahatai|Coast         Whanga|Harbour 

The draws tell you which turf you play on and the turfs are divided into halves for games.  

Whanga Pavilion and Tahatai Pavilion are at the Pavilion End ie the turfs closest to our pavilion and entry gates. Moana Roadside is nearest to Kawaka Street.

Whanga Salt, Tahatai Salt and Moana Salt are the halves nearest to the large salt mountain to our south.

At Tauranga Boys' College, TGA Boys 15th Ave is closest to 15th Avenue and TGA Boys Schoolside is closest to the school.

At Bethlehem College, BC Driveway is the nearer end as you arrive at the turf and BC Paddock is the end further away from the entry.